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MovingImages 1 Press Release

PRESS RELEASE – 15 September 2015

Sheffield-based software business Zukini, launches MovingImages, a platform to automate the process for creating and editing movie and image files.

While computers, tablets, and smart phones are everywhere, we have lost sight of how we can use this computing power to reduce repetition and automate tasks.

The MovingImages platform makes possible the ability to automate video editing, audio mixing, movie generation and image file processing on the Macintosh. When it comes to marketing videos, consistent branding is important, automating the branding improves both productivity and the consistency of the branding.

The Apple frameworks CoreImage, CoreGraphics, CoreText and AVFoundation make a great platform on which to build something unique. Kevin Meaney, Zukini director, said: “Apple has created exciting audio, video and image technologies and we built MovingImages to harness this power for automating the creation, processing, and editing of audio, video and image content.”

Using the MovingImages platform, you can write scripts that process movie and image files. Zukini has developed the Ruby gem ‘moving_images’, which is used when writing movie processing scripts. You can write the scripts so that they process the image and movie files immediately, or you can also have the scripts output the data that describes how MovingImages will process the movie and image files. We call this data “JSON command objects” and it gives us a huge amount of flexibility.

Automation can save you time, help you compete and give you more time to focus your energies on your creative strengths.

Included with MovingImages is comprehensive documentation from the short video series “Getting started with scripting MovingImages” to the reference documentation for the Ruby gem ‘moving_images’.

Best of all, Zukini makes the scripting tools available for free and users can write and run their own movie and image file processing scripts.


1. Zukini is a software company, founded in 2015 by Kevin Meaney and Julieanne Porter. Zukini was created to enable the release of the MovingImages graphics platform. Copyright 2015 Zukini Ltd, All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, App Store, Apple Watch, iCloud, Mac OS X and Retina are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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