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Why MovingImages and JSON?

MovingImages is a movie editing and processing tool for OS X and iOS.

JSON objects, property lists, dictionaries, associative arrays or whatever you would like to call them. They are at the heart of MovingImages, but why?


From a scripting perspective, JSON broadens the possibilities. Any scripting language that can generate JSON objects can work with MovingImages, and that is a lot of scripting languages; JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby etc.

From a security perspective the processing of JSON objects is more secure than the processing of scripts.

With MovingImages processing JSON objects, there is an opportunity for Macintosh computers to be configured to provide video editing as a service in the cloud. You can write scripts locally that generate the JSON objects, then send that data to the computer providing video editing as a service.

The MovingImages Framework

The MovingImages Framework can be included in any OS X or iOS App. Movie processing templates defined by JSON objects describe how the movies are to be edited, and can be included within these applications. But more powerfully, these apps can access updated versions of the templates, or access a video templates library where designers can provide professionally designed templates.

These possibilities for application developers exist because we decided that using JSON objects to describe the editing of movies was the way to go. The Zukini demo application, an OS X application containing the MovingImages framework, has a few examples of what is possible.


The choice to make JSON objects at the heart of MovingImages was to provide opportunities. These include video editing as a service hosted on the cloud, the ability for application developers to create video editing applications, or for simpler applications which apply pre-made video processing templates.

With the recently released iPads and iPhones, these platforms have more than enough power to process movies. MovingImages can help you leverage that power.

From estate agents wanting to brand the short videos they take of properties, or plant nurseries branding short videos of plants they are trying to highlight, or someone wishing to personalise a video of friends, MovingImages can simplify this.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the opportunities provided by MovingImages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The MovingImages application ( includes a LaunchAgent which is a tool for processing the JSON object commands, and a ruby gem which simplifies the creation of the JSON objects when writing script in the scripting language ruby. These are free, properly documented and available to use right now.

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