Makers of the powerful graphics platform MovingImages for iOS and OS X


What does the MovingImages platform give you?

  • A video frame processor
  • An image file processor
  • A drawing engine
  • An equation parser with variables
  • A scripting tool for processing images and movies
  • Draw user interface controls and views on OS X and iOS
  • All this functionality is implemented using JSON objects
MovingImages JSON

Our Services


Bespoke Software

Zukini is available for writing bespoke iOS and OS X applications and scripts that use the MovingImages framework and scripting components.



Zukini provides consultancy services for working with the MovingImages platform. You can also leverage Zukini’s experience of working with the video editing parts of the AV Foundation API.



The MovingImages Framework is available to license from Zukini for use in your iOS and OS X applications.